The Morning Blitz | Radio Show #4

In episode #4 of the Morning Blitz, Kyrie Irving drops a bomb on the Cleveland Cavaliers and wants out. Could Denver be a destination? Ronnie K and Aniello Piro break down the chances of Irving landing in Denver.

Also, the Rockies are looking to rebound from a dreadful beginning to July with a late run against prime competition. How are they doing? Aniello has some inside stuff from the clubhouse as the Rockies take on the Pirates.

Could Kyrie be a Nugget? Will Denver pursue? Ronnie K and Aniello Piro answer just that.

Would you mortgage the future if you’re Denver for Irving? Why should the Nuggets chance it? Ronnie K and Aniello Piro discuss the real pros and cons of acquiring Kyrie Irving. Did the Nuggets already screw up their situation and stance at acquiring Kyrie Irving?

What are the best things Ronnie K and Aniello Piro saw this week? They go over their favorites, including a bomb from Aaron Judge and could a future AL Vs. NL home run chase be reality?

Time for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Ronnie K and Aniello Piro!

How does Paxton Lynch win the starting job over Trevor Siemian? Ronnie K and Aniello Piro give their three ways of winning the job for the rookie.

The Rockies and Nuggets seem to have a consensus about them that relates to each other. Do the Rockies need to be all-in just like the Nuggets? Ronnie K and Aniello Piro dissect the situation on Blake Street.

It was Star Wars night recently at Coors Field, which are the best movie franchises? And how badly does Jordan Spieth need to save golf?


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