The Morning Blitz | Radio Show #3

Kicking off the show as always is Morning Coffee, where Ronnie K takes you through the latest in sports news as he hosts the show solo today with Aniello Piro in New York for the New York Mets and Colorado Rockies series.

Ronnie K covers the top headlines of the day in Morning Coffee.

On the show, Aniello Piro phones in live from New York as the Colorado Rockies continue their series against the Mets, who have boat raced them to start the series. What’s wrong with Carlos Gonzales? What’s wrong with the young pitching? What is even happening here? Are the Rockies truly in a free fall? Aniello Piro explains live from New York.

It’s no secret the Rockies need help at pitching, but who? Who should the Rockies heavily pursue to help build upon what’s overall been, a solid season? Ronnie K has the answer in…

Right before the show heads for the back-nine, Ronnie K jumps into the fun and popular “Best Things He Saw This Week” segment to discuss the best low key sports jobs, as well as Golden State giving Indiana the ‘beat it’ treatment.

The second hour kicks off as it usually does with the GOOD… The BAD… And the UGLY

Roger Federer wins Wimbledon title #8. He’s the king of grass again. Is it the greatest feat in Tennis? Where does he rank among the greatest sports athletes in history? Tennis guru and Director of Tennis at Columbine Country Club Andy Zodin joins the show.

What are the best stories for the second half of the baseball season? Ronnie K touches on the incredible story of Chad Bettis and the young, up and coming talent in the majors. But he doesn’t forget about the veterans either, including a possible 20-game winner.

The John Elway deal isn’t done yet… Should that worry Broncos fans? Will it get done? Broncos Country also has a QB battle on their hands and Elway has finally spoken out about it, but was it more of a shot at a former friend? Ronnie K discusses it all in the final segment of the show.


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