Morning Blitz Radio Show #7 – 8/13/17

The guys at the Morning Blitz were back at it again as they tackled the first preseason game for the Denver Broncos, a Colorado Rockies faultering and introduce a new segment to the show!

The guys kick-off the show as always, with Morning Coffee! A trip around the sports world and what’s making headlines in sports.

It’s beginning to be one hell of a quarterback conundrum for the Broncos. Ronnie K and Aniello Piro go over the latest from training camp, preseason game #1 and is the QB competition over?

The Broncos have been a storied franchise of success for a majority of their existence, however if losing ways begin to cloud their franchise, who will take the blame? Should anyone? Ronnie K and Aniello Piro also preview the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Ronnie K and Aniello Piro give some of their best and worst this week. Ronnie K is especially strict, but opens up on a touchy topic in their next segment, the Best Thing They Saw This Week!

The best things the guys saw this week kicks off with a great tribute and covers on some of the better things that happened in a sports world that can be covered up by negativity.

Ronnie K and Aniello Piro get into a strong debate regarding strike-zones. Is Baseball fine the way it is? Is there changes that can be made and does the human judgement of a strike-zone need to be replaced by electronics?

Ronnie K and Aniello Piro play Buy or Sell, and hear from a Broncos RB that is VERY confident that his NAME, will carry him to a roster spot, even if he doesn’t PLAY.

Ronnie K and Aniello Piro finish off the show recapping some of the topics talked about and bring in Andrew Coca to settle a tie-breaker, as well as talk about a ticket giveaway that could send you to the Denver home opener!